On Saturday, hint has been given by President of United States of America, Mr Donald Trump that he is thinking to lift sanction from Russia which was imposed by Former President Barack Obama.

President Trump Favor to Russia

It was disclosed in a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Britain. President Trump while answer to one of reporter’s question stated that, he is only in initial stages of pondering lifting Russia sanctions. It is also expected that President Trump will speak on phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin by this weekend and most likely to talk on phone by this Saturday.

Although, President Trump said that it would be early to say anything about Russian Sanction. However, this move would likely to cause panic in European allies as well as many in congress also don’t want to end this sanction which dragged Presidential Election 2016 of United States of America into controversy. Some may question of giving favor to Russia in exchange of Russian assist on Presidential Election 2016 as reported by secret service.

President Trump also declared in media that he wanted to follow through on his campaign pledge to pursue better relation with Russia. It is hereby noted that, before swear-in to Oval Office of White House, Trump said that there’s no sense to impose sanction upon Russia if Moscow is willing to prove herself friendly to United States of America.