Trump does not have good relationships with the big EU countries, so he’s looking for friends among the little ones.

Trump Got Criticized

Former US security adviser Ben Rhodes explains the reception by Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) of US President Donald Trump of its difficulties with larger EU states. ” Trump is trying to do what George W. Bush did when things were not going well with France and Germany: he’s looking for leaders of smaller states to show he still has friends in Europe.”

“Donald Trump does not have particularly good relations with major EU countries, and he’s looking for proximity to right-of-center leaders in Europe,” said President Barack Obama’s former vice security adviser in an interview with the Press. “Besides, he seems to feel more comfortable with the representatives of smaller states, perhaps because he can then portray himself as a ‘larger person’.” The Chancellor was “very young and a fresh face”.

US President Trump receives Sebastian Kurz on Wednesday. Kurz is the first Austrian head of government for 13 years, who has an appointment with the US president.