The Western Military Alliance takes stock of the largest maneuver since the end of the Cold War in Norway. NATO wants to send a signal of deterrence to Russia.

NATO military drills

The largest NATO maneuver since the end of the Cold War, 51,161 soldiers were involved according to a final balance of the military alliance. Added to this were 7,279 vehicles, 274 helicopters and airplanes, as well as 61 ships and submarines, according to a document available to the German Press Agency. As late as May, NATO had expected a number of around 40,000 soldiers.

The two-week field phase of the mainly Norway-based exercise “Trident Juncture” ended on November 7th. Germany was the final balanced with 7,956 soldiers second largest troop contributor behind the United States. These reported a final participation of 18,000 soldiers, but for the most part only on warships such as the aircraft carrier “Harry S. Truman” in use. The smallest troop contingent was the small Nato country Iceland. It was only with three forces.

The aim of the maneuver was to send a signal of deterrence to Russia and to train for the so- called case of alliance. This could be called if one or more of the 29 member states were attacked by an opponent. As a result, then the other Allies would have to assist.