One of the boats had an engine failure, the other had lost air.

Refugee Crisis

A new accident in the Mediterranean have killed more than 100 boat people. The reported to Libya survivors of the aid organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF), as it announced on Monday evening. The accident occurred already in early September.

The 276 survivors had already been rescued by the Libyan Coast Guard on 2 September and taken back to civil war lands. People broke out on two inflatable boats in Libya on September 1, MSF said, citing the survivors’ testimony. One of the boats had an engine failure , the other – which had 165 adults and 20 children – lost air. Only a few migrants had life jackets.

Aid organizations are not the only ones to criticize the fact that refugees have returned to Libya since the resumption of fighting in Libya . In the North African country since the fall of the ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi 2011 rival groups fighting for supremacy. The influence of the internationally recognized government hardly reaches beyond Tripoli . Libya has become the main transit country for refugees en route to Europe .

The Mediterranean crossing for migrants, according to the International Organization for Migration has become more dangerous (IOM). More than 1,560 people died or are missing this year on the central Mediterranean route between Libya and Italy.

Sources: Kurier