In a “very warm, very positive letter” North Korea’s rulers have asked for a one more discussion meeting with the US president. Preparations for the North Korea Summit are already under way, confirmed by White House.

Kim And Trump

The US and North Korea are preparing for a second summit meeting between President Donald Trump and ruler Kim Jong-un , according to the White House . Trump received a “very warm, very positive” letter from Kim regarding this reunion, US Presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in Washington. The coordination of this summit is already underway.

For the rest of the writing from Pyongyang Sanders expression were general. The Kim’s continued determination is to focus on the “denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula. It is a “very warm, very positive letter”. At a date and location of the targeted second summit mp information was given by spokeswoman.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in called for a “bold decision” on denuclearization in another possible meeting. “The complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula should be in principle between the US and North Korea through and shall be resolved through negotiation ,” said Moon on Tuesday.

By the time the communication between the US and North Korea becomes more “active,” he will continue to act as an intermediary, Moon said in the Seoul cabinet. That’s why both sides asked him. Moon had already brokered the summit between Trump and Kim in Singapore in June. Moon will travel to Pyongyang for his third meeting with Kim this year next week.

At his first meeting with Trump in Singapore in June, Kim had agreed to nuclear disarmament in his country. But more precise definitions, a timetable or control measures for the disarmament process were not mentioned, which is why the agreement was often criticized as too vague.

Over the summer, the US government became increasingly dissatisfied with North Korea. At the end of August Trump had a planned trip by his foreign minister, Mike Pompeo, to Pyongyang. The cancellation was justified by the fact that there was “no sufficient progress in the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”.

Since last week Trump has been spreads optimism again. On Twitter, the US president bragged that Kim had “unwavering faith” in him. “Thanks to Chairman Kim, we got it together,” he wrote.

Sanders also assessed the military parade on Sunday as a positive signal for the 70th anniversary of North Korea. She emphasized that the North Korean leadership did not showcase their “nuclear arsenal” therein. “We regard this as a sign of goodwill,” said the Trump spokeswoman.

Sources: Die Presse