United Nation’s Human Rights Watch Report about Aleppo attacks has been published. It is being reported in the news by the Human Rights Watch Report that, at least eight chemical attacks were made by Syrian government in the battle of Aleppo. It caused killing of nine peoples, including four children and more than hundreds had injured.
HRW Report says Aleppo Hits by Nine Chemical Attacks
According to Human Rights Watch, “Around 200 people were injured by the toxic gases used on opposition-controlled areas of the northern city.” Targeted areas were mostly playground, clinics, residential streets, and houses in those chemical attacks that caused scores of people struggling to breathe, vomiting and unconscious.
As mentioned by Ole Solvang, HRW’s deputy emergencies director, “The pattern of the chlorine attacks shows that they were coordinated with the overall military strategy for retaking Aleppo, not the work of a few rogue elements.” Although, it has been said that, actual numbers of attacks could be exceeded more than nine, because journalists, medical personnel and other credible sources had reported more than 12 attacks in that period, whereas HRW was able to verify only 8 chemical attacks. It is expecting that; Syrian forces were backed by Russia in Aleppo attacks.