EU Commissioner Oettinger refused German assistance to Turkey.

Günther Oettinger EU Commissioner

It is not Germany’s job to help Turkey financially, says EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger.

EU Commission Günther Oettinger rejects German and EU aid for Turkey. “This is not the task of Germany, that is the task of the IMF,” said the CDU politician on Monday in Berlin. “He is there for that and I think first of all there is need for action in Ankara, not in Berlin and not in Brussels,” Oettinger added.

SPD leader Andrea Nahles had stated in a newspaper interview on the weekend that Germany must support Turkey under certain circumstances. Germany and Europe could not care less whether he country is a NATO partner. Politicians from CDU and FDP rejects financial aid. Erdogan to visits Germany at the end of September. Finance and economic ministers of both countries will meet in advance.