A 24-year-old opened the fire during a “Madden 19” tournament – he died at the scene. Nine victims were taken to hospital, some with gunshot wounds.


In a gunfight during a video game competition in Jacksonville, Florida, three people were killed, according to officials. The shooter is said to be among the dead, said Sheriff Mike Williams Monday morning at a press conference. “There were three dead, including the suspect who killed himself. The alleged perpetrator identified by the sheriff as the 24-year-old David Katz from Baltimore, Maryland.

Nine victims were also hospitalized by rescue workers, Williams included. Some of them have gunshot wounds. Two other wounded with gunshots visited hospitals on their own.

Virtual American Football Game

The act took place in a shopping and entertainment center in downtown Jacksonville. The man opened the fire during a “Madden 19” tournament, while video gamers were competing in a virtual American football game. On a video, which is to come from the competition, you can hear shots and screams in the background.

The shopping and entertainment center named “The Landing” is located in the city center on the St. Johns River, which have numerous restaurants and a shopping mall. Jacksonville is located in northern Florida and has about 880,000 inhabitants.

The US state was mourning at the 14th February incident of blood bath with 17 dead. At the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, a 19-year-old shot 14 teenagers and 3 adults. After the fact, there were numerous demonstrations nationwide. President Donald Trump, after the massacre, promised to tighten arms legislation but later withdrew, for which he was sharply criticized.

The president was briefed on Sunday’s lethal incident in Jacksonville, spokesman Sarah Sanders said. There was no reaction from Donald Trump.

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Sources: Die Presse