A woman in her 60s was killed after a tree crushed her car in Ohio Sunday afternoon, while storms damaged homes and took out power lines across the South.The tree fell on top of the woman as she was driving in Bond Hill, in suburban Cincinnati, around 4 p.m. Sunday, according to eyewitnesses.

Falling tree kills Ohio woman

When officials reached the scene they found the woman, the car’s only occupant, dead, according to Cincinnati Police Department Lt. Dennis Swingley.

“The tree met her in the road,” said Leonard Washington, of Price Hill, who said he saw the woman driving moments before the tree fell.

“It took her front seat and peeled it all the way to the back,” Washington said as he described what he found when he rushed to the crash.

“I could hear her talk,” Washington said. “She had a little bit of jaw movement. I was talking with OnStar in her car and let them know that she had expired.”