United States added two Chinese companies on sanction list as they import their goods to Iran recently. Bank accounts of their executives have been curbed as well.

Export To Iran : Chines Companies Putted On Sanction List By US

As part of new sanction plan introduced by United States, Chinese companies have to stop import/export ties with Iran. China has already close all table talks, diplomatic and economic ties with Tehran. The sanctions on 25 individuals and entities imposed on Friday were the opening salvo by President Donald Trump who has vowed a more aggressive policy against Tehran and came two days after the administration had put Iran ‘on notice’ following a ballistic missile test, As reported by Reuters.

Executives of companies showed confusion and anger upon it, one of executive officer said that, why it is necessary to hear what Americans say? Why we need to obey them? What wrong in importing goods to Iran, Iran is a mere customer of his company like others to whom his company exports things. While other executives showed helplessness over this order, he claimed that now we can’t do anything against this order. Let them put us on sanction list. Although, Chinese foreign Ministry isn’t shared anything with media against this sanction.