Firefighters in Australia are struggling to control bushfires that have destroyed dozens of homes in the state of Victoria.

Bushfires In Australia

The fires, which have hit one of Australia’s most important tourist areas, come as emergency services warn of dangerous conditions and more fires ahead in the New Year.

Since being sparked by a lightning strike on 19 December, they have already burned through at least 2,000 hectares.

On Friday, the fires gathered pace and 53 homes were ruined – 35 in the Wye River community and another 18 in Separation Creek, both around 75 miles from Melbourne.

The houses are along the Great Ocean Road, a well-known tourist attraction that runs along the Victorian coastline, including views of the rock formations known as the 12 Apostles.

The road and nearby Great Otway National Park have been closed to the public due to the fires.

No deaths or injuries have been reported.

Residents of the tourist town of Lorne were among those told to leave their homes but, even after this order was lifted, authorities said the fires were still strong.

Rain overnight on Friday helped slow the fires but bad weather also hampered the fire-fighting effort by preventing the water-dropping aircraft from taking off.

Craig Lapsley, the state’s emergency services commissioner, said: “This fire doesn’t go away.

“This fire is a fire that will remain with potential to burn in January and February this year.

“We will be back into hot, windy weather in January without a doubt. Everything’s available to burn.”