On Thursday, the Democrats take over the leadership of the House of Representatives. The new chairman Nancy Pelosi is facing a test: The shutdown due to the dispute over the construction of the border wall to Mexico continues.

US Government Shutdown

Shortly before the change of power in the US House of Representatives, President Donald Trump invited the congressional leaders to a discussion on security at the borders. In the Twitter briefing service on Tuesday especially wooed the Democrats: “Border protection and the wall thing and the budget freeze should not be the point where Nancy Pelosi begins her presidency.” Do we want to make a deal?”

Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will attend the meeting, his bureau said. Whether the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, comes, remained unclear. For nearly two weeks, a budget dispute has paralyzed large sections of the federal authorities. The core of the dispute is the demand of the President for a release of five billion dollars to build the promised wall on the border with Mexico. The Democrats reject that.

Pelosi is to be re-elected chairman of the House of Representatives on Thursday. At the same time, the Democrats take over the leadership of the House of Representatives following their success in the congressional election. The Republicans retain control of the Senate.

In this respect, the budget debate will be the scene of McConnell’s first confrontation as Senate Spokesman and Pelosi as the leader of the majority in Congress. After taking over the majority in the House of Representatives Democrats on Thursday want to adopt budget bills in which the five billion dollars for the wall, however, are not preserved. Thus, it remains unclear in the new year, when the so-called “shutdown” can be completed.

“We give the Republicans the opportunity to say yes,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to colleagues. “If they reject the bill, they are complicit in the chaos and destruction of the third shutdown during the President’s term.”

The government deadlock came into force twelve days ago. It has the effect that around 800,000 state employees will not receive any salary for the time being. Part of them are sent on unpaid leave. Hundreds of thousands of state employees whose work is considered indispensable must continue to do their jobs without pay.

Meanwhile, US border guards used tear gas again to stop a group of Central American refugees from crossing the Mexico-US border. According to an eyewitness, US security officials fired the irritant gas into Mexico on Tuesday night in the Mexican border town of Tijuana when some people wanted to climb the border fence. The US border police CBP said the tear gas had been used against stone throwers.

Sources: Die Presse