Several airlines had to cancel flights because of the Kashmir conflict – flights to Austria are also affected.

Thailand Pakistan Flight Closures

Thousands of tourists are stuck in Thailand due to the conflict between India and Pakistan. The reason is the decision of the airline Thai Airways, no more flights through Pakistani airspace because of the air force operations there to direct, as was communicated on Thursday in Bangkok.

Around 30 flights were canceled, three aircraft had to turn in the air and flew back to Bangkok. According to the airline, about 5,000 passengers were affected. Most of them had booked flights to Europe. A flight from Bangkok, which should have landed at 7:00 am in Vienna, as well as a plane to Bangkok (with a scheduled departure time of 1:30 pm), were canceled according to Vienna Airport.

At Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, stranded passengers vented their anger. We have been waiting here for eleven or twelve hours, “said the German tourist Gerda Heinzel, who wanted to fly back to Munich after a holiday on the island of Phuket.” We did not get anything to eat and no accommodation. There is no German-speaking staff to help us.”

Other airlines in the region were also affected. So Singapore Airlines had to cancel a flight from Singapore to Frankfurt.

Thai Airways wanted to resume flights on Thursday night. China has opened its airspace for flights so that the planes could fly around Pakistan, the company said.

The conflict between the archrival and nuclear powers India and Pakistan have recently escalated dangerously. Both sides use their airforce and claim to have shot planes from the other side. The conflict centers around the disputed region Kashmir.