If you are making travel plans, you probably want to avoid bad weather. Here are the best seasons for travel:

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Late Spring: The weather is just getting good during the end of spring. With summer right around the corner, traveling is increasing in popularity. However, by traveling in the spring, you can also score cooler temperatures in desert climates that heat up during the summer- including Los Angeles. If you are wondering if rain or heat are an issue in your area, you can download a free weather radar app for your phone. You can also use your weather app to obtain a radar forecast of a prospective destination- and save yourself the trip if unfavorable weather is eminent.

Summer: While summer can get pretty warm, it is definitely a traveling favorite. You can go to the beach to soak up the sun, or search for a cooler climate. If you are planning a trip with many outdoor activities, an iPhone or Android weather app will help you avoid surprises like random rain showers or prepare for overactive sunlight.

Early Fall: As with late spring, this is your chance to score cooler weather without the unpleasantness of cold and rain. You may even be able to score some awesome travel deals if you are on a budget. An iPhone or Android weather app can help you pick the destination with the perfect weather for your trip. If you have a destination in mind, your weather app can help you pack so that you aren’t left sweltering in lingering heat, or freezing in early cold.

While there are definitely better and worse times to travel, a bit of extra preparation – and a good handle on the weather- can help make any season ideal for travel and adventure.