Microsoft had to withdraw its Windows 10 update because data was deleted during installation. The bug has been fixed and started using the new version. Now there are increasing reports of new bugs and errors.

Faulty Updates

Something seems to have gone wrong with the new update. The data is retained now. Instead, the computer remains silent or they are facing a blue screen error. Microsoft is already working on fixing the problem. Currently, HP computers seem to be affected by the blue screen due to a faulty keyboard driver. Dell devices are being crashed after installation. The reason does not seem to have been found yet.

There is already a solution for the audio problems. The new update is called KB4468550. It has a file called “intcaudiobusremove.exe” which ensures that the faulty audio drivers are replaced with working ones. The problems were caused by the Intel HD and Realtek Audio drivers. According to Microsoft, wrong versions were provided.

Sources: Die Presse