If you want to start a website, the basic need which maintains your site is a web hosting service. But there are thousands of companies offering a hosting service, and choosing a one service from them, which is suitable for your business needs can be a frustrating task. Especially, if you are not familiar with programming and you are new to the site running. Basically, it depends on your site type, that which hosting type and plan will fulfill your needs. There are three major types of web hosting services; Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated hosting. In order to know, what should I select Shared, VPS, Or Dedicated Web Hosting? I am going to show you the features of all three types of hosting that will make you easier to making a decision. Here are the web hosting types;

Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is in vogue and most popular hosting service, and cheaper as well as compared to the other hosting services. It is usually best for those sites, which are new and taking start with the small business. As I mentioned above, it’s the cheapest service, best for those people who are looking for a hosting service – which can fulfill their basic needs – and are not planning to break the bank. The only worst thing about shared hosting is – as you can expect by its name – it will offer you a shared server. That means in one server, there are plenty of websites connected with. You will not only share a server, but also shared resources and features as well with the other accounts.

VPS Hosting

It’s pretty much like the shared hosting service, but the best part of this hosting service that you don’t have to confront for resources and features. By hiring a VPS hosting, you have to share your server, but the impressive thing is that the resources and server are equally distributed. It costs a little more as compared to the shared hosting service, but if you don’t want to compete for resources, so this is for you.

Dedicated Hosting

The most expensive hosting type is dedicated hosting, which provides you a dedicated server. Apart from the dedicated server, it will offer you robust features and software and application usage without any restriction or limitations. If you are going to run a large website that may face high traffic, so you must choose a dedicated plan, it will offer you the best quality features and support as well.