Microsoft is killing off a key selling point of its Windows Phone operating system: Facebook integration. The software giant first launched Windows Phone back in 2010 as the first to feature deep integration with Facebook contacts and the news feed. It was a unique feature, but due to a recent update to Facebook’s Graph API, Microsoft has been forced to shutdown all of its Facebook Connect features.

Microsoft kills off Facebook

In a detailed support article, Microsoft notes that Facebook contact integration in, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone will no longer work. “Contact information for the Facebook contacts shown will no longer be updated with information from Facebook,” notes Microsoft. The changes go even further than just the much loved Facebook contacts integration. Microsoft’s social connector for Outlook 2013 is now rendered useless, and the company’s Office 365 Outlook Web App will no longer pull in any Facebook information.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment on the service changes, and we’ll update you accordingly. According to the company’s support page, this isn’t a temporary change and “Facebook Connect features will no longer be supported.”