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New Year’s Eve Party: With These tips, No Chance To Get Hangover

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Nicole Marco
Nicole Marco
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How to properly prevent hangover symptoms – and get going the next morning.

Anti Hangover Tips

The sparkle of champagne pearls has given way to a furry feeling on the tongue, the clink of the glasses a dull roar: Every year on New Year’s Day, the hangover mood dominates the. There is no need to miss out on celebrating New Year’s Eve – provided you follow a few simple tips.

At the beginning of a proper anti-hangover strategy is: prevention. Ideally you should start your evening “fit, rested and full”, explains the latter, “right pad”, many try to achieve with greasy food. A stomach full of fatty foods slows down alcohol intake – which could be bitterly regretted the next day. Relieve the burden on the liver and thus be better protected with protein-rich foods – such as rollsticks, cheese, an omelette or pasta salad. You should not drink on an empty stomach.

If alcohol is drunk quickly and warmly, it develops its effect faster. Sugar-rich alcoholics, such as alcopops, also lead to a quicker intoxication. Carbonic acid also has an effect: “It irritates the gastric mucosa and thus promotes blood circulation and gastric emptying, the alcohol is absorbed more quickly and the blood alcohol concentration increases faster,”.

If the first glass of champagne is finally in front of you, accompanying measures are worthwhile. Experts recommends that you do not mix up to keep track. You should refill only when the glass is empty. And: “For every glass of alcohol at least one glass of tap water should be drunk.” This reduces the alcohol intake, improves the fluid balance and the body does not dry out. After all, sparkling wine and co. Flood water and important minerals such as sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium out of the body. The lack of water and minerals is the main cause of headaches in the morning.

Those who drink magnesium-rich mineral water before sleeping together with a potassium effervescent tablet dissolved in it can prevent more severe symptoms.

After falling asleep – an important recovery tip – it is important to stimulate the circulation: changing showers, fresh air and a short walk may cost more, but pays off. It is also important to balance the fluid losses. Plenty of tap water, tea with honey and the lack of coffee and smoking help with regeneration. According to experts, the mineral balance is also important. Fresh fruits, especially blackcurrants, sweet melons, pears, vegetables and legumes, can be used. The well-known repair problem, is a myth.

Anyone who can not avoid the handle to the painkiller – whether before or after bedtime – should remember: Although the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid (in aspirin) helps against the headache, but is not for a rebellious “hangover stomach”. Paracetamol should be avoided. The alcohol degradation claims the liver full, acetaminophen can not be broken down properly.

Hang-over preparations from the pharmacy may be worth a try. The best and healthiest medicine against hangover is, “to enjoy alcohol only moderately”.


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