“Yellow-Vest” demonstrators have called on the security forces in chants to commit suicide – and thus sparked public outrage. The Police Alliance alluded Sunday to a “peak of hatred” for police officers.

France Yellow Vest Protests

In Paris’s recent “yellow-vest” protests, demonstrators in Paris have called on the security forces to commit suicide in chanting – triggering public outrage. The largest French police union said on Sunday of a “peak of hatred” on police officers.

French politicians were horrified. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner wrote in the short message service Twitter, the victims should be ashamed.

During the protests, the participants of the protests had the chant “kill yourself, kill you” – an allusion to a series of suicides among police officers since the beginning of the year. Frederic Lagache of the Alliance said to AFP: “This is an insult to the deceased police, their families and the police.” The statements of rally participants are “unbearable and unacceptable”. Lagache demanded that those responsible be identified.

The union Unite SGP Police described the incident as a “shame” and “scandal”. The Alternative Police CFDT union called on the authorities to put an end to the “hate wave against police officers”.

At the “yellow vests” protests on Saturday, it had come again to riots. Security forces arrested more than 200 people in Paris.

For five months, the “yellow vests” have been protesting for more social justice and lower taxes. On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron wants to present his reform plans, which he has developed under pressure from ongoing demonstrations.