Because of the lack of rain, the Danube carries as little water as never before since the beginning of the measurements.

Low Water Level

In Aggstein (district Melk) on Monday a level of 116 centimeters was measured. This is the lowest level since the beginning of the measurements, reports by the ORF Lower Austria. The low level also makes itself felt off the goods traffic. Animals suffer from the restricted habitat and the Danube power plants produce less electricity than usual at this time of the year.

In Germany, companies complain about the low water level. Especially transporters have problems who use large waterways in Germany. They can load their ships less heavily because of the low water. On the Rhine, some ships should transport only about a third of the usual cargo, said Roberto Spranzi of the German transport cooperative inland navigation of the German Press Agency. The prices per tonne loaded would have quadrupled due to the high demand for additional ships.

Sources: Die Presse