Interior minister of Albania has resigned, as the charges of corruption and drug trafficking we widespread by the Balkan nation.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama accepted the resignation of Interior Minister Farmir Xharaj, wrote in his Twitter page on Saturday, no further information was given.

Then Sander Lleshi was nominated by Rama, a former military official, as the new interior minister, saying he will bring “new positive energy” to the post. Before Lleshi takes his position, he must be approved by the president and the parliament.

Fighting drug trafficking, organized crime, and corruption are top priorities for Albania, which is looking to launch full membership negotiations with the European Union next year. Even after the government crackdown, Albania still remains notorious for marijuana and other drug smuggling and especially a haven for money laundering.

The opposition Democratic Party hailed Xhafaj’s resignation as “an important step in our fight to clean the politics of crime.” It had accused Xhafaj of supporting his brother’s drug-related activities, a claim Xhafaj had denied. In April, his brother turned himself to Italian authorities to serve a 2002 sentence for drug trafficking.

Saimir Tahiri is being investigated for graft and alleged involvement in a drug trafficking ring.

Source: Associated Press