The men are said to have snuck an 18-year-old in a bush and raped her. They were arrested in Freiburg.

Men Arrested For Rape

Eight men were arrested in Freiburg in Germany for allegedly raping a young woman. The seven Syrians aged 19 to 29 years and a 25-year-old German are under urgent suspicion in pre-trial detention, as police and prosecutors jointly announced on Friday.

The 18-year-old is said to have received a drink from a stranger in the night on October 14 in a Freiburg club, the authorities continue. Around midnight, she reportedly left the disco with the man.

According to the victim, near shrubbery, there was a sexual assault by one of the alleged perpetrators. According to her, the other men are said to have passed the woman.

According to the German newspaper, the act was reported by the woman on 14 October, since then a 13-member investigative group of the Freiburg Police Headquarters has been taken in place.

Sources: Die Presse