Spain’s daily virus death

The encouraging development comes a day after the government secured parliamentary support for a new two-week extension of its lockdown measures despite losing some important support from political rivals.

Spanish health authorities reported about 200 new fatalities on Thursday, taking the total death toll just over 26,000 since the start of the outbreak in Spain. That is down from over 900 deaths a day a month before. Spain has reported nearly 257,000 COVID-19 infections.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez salvaged a critical parliamentary vote on Wednesday to keep alive a state of emergency despite the loss of the backing of the main opposition party. The state of emergency that gives the government extraordinary powers to apply the lockdown that has successfully reined in the virus will now last until May 24.

Spain is slowly rolling back its restrictions. Children were allowed to go outside for short walks with parents on April 26 and adults followed last weekend with outings for exercise.

Spain’s government top virus expert said that any possible upticks in the contagion rate of that relaxation would be seen in the coming days.

“It is from here on that we should start to see if there are any effects,” Fernando Simón said.