After a dispute in the supermarket, the young male refugee stabbed Vivien K. (24) in the stomach, Vivien was injured and taken to hospital after the attack by Offender Abdullah A. (17).

Germany Knife attack

After a dispute in a supermarket in Burgwedel (Lower Saxony) Abdullah A. (17) Vivien K. (24) rammed a knife into the stomach. The young woman survived through an emergency operation. The fugitive was convivted on Tuesday.

Initially, the prosecution had only been determined for dangerous personal injury. The Syrian stabbed only once, and “voluntarily” resigned from the “killing attempt”. But according to a medical report Abdullah A. has done everything with one stab to kill his victim. He injured internal organs, broke two ribs.

Victim Attorney Björn Nordmann: He has understood the dispute as a violation of honor. In his opinion, he is entitled to take up arms in this situation.”

Abdullah A. stabbed the young woman at the end of March. The ten-centimeter blade broke her ribs, injured liver, stomach, kidney, intestine. Vivien lay in a coma, spleen and parts of the pancreas were removed.

Trigger of the attack: a quarrel with the brother (14) and cousin of the defendant in the supermarket. When the 17-year-old joined, the trio first hit Vivien’s friend Domenic on the street. When she intervened, she was stabbed.

Sources: Bild