COVID-19 patients in intensive care in France

While the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care in France is continuing to trend downward, the overall number of ICU patients is increasing, with more people needing emergency care for other ailments.

The build-up of patients in French ICUs comes amid concerns that people with long-term medical problems have been delaying or not getting treatment during the outbreak, while hospitals have been struggling with huge flows of patients seriously ill with the new coronavirus.

The Health Ministry said hospital ICUs were treating 7,553 people on Sunday, 28 more than on Saturday.

But the proportion of COVID-19 patients in ICUs was again down, at 4,682. That was 43 fewer than the day before.

The ministry said the increase of non-COVID patients in ICUs “underscores the necessity of tracking and treating patients with chronic illnesses as well as the urgent need to care for serious acute illnesses.”

The overall death toll from France’s virus outbreak is now up to 22,856, behind only Italy and Spain in Europe. More than one-third of France’s victims died in care facilities, mostly for the elderly.