In Mac Operating System, Trash Bin is the location wherein you stored all the deleted files for Mac data recovery in case you erased a wrong file. Because one of common problems is that some files are accidentally misplaced or lost in wrong operations when few users run Mac system. Fortunately it is pretty easy to recover deleted files, specifically if you realise your mistake quickly.

Recover Disappeared Data on Mac OS from Trash Bin

Files that you have set to be deleted are by and large despatched to the Trash can. The Trash can will maintain your files until you place them to be permanently deleted. Simply follow the steps under to obtain it.


EaseUS Data RecoveryStep 1: Open the trash bin

You can open the Trash Can from the desktop.

Step 2: Locate the misplaced information you would like to get better

You can scroll through the Trash Can to discover the misplaced file. If the item is no longer within the Trash. Then right-click the file and select Put Back. If this feature is not to be had, the original location is now not present. You will need to drag the file out of the Trash and place it on your PC desktop instead. You can then move the file to anyplace you want.

If the target file is not saved in Trash Can, you need a third-party software to assist you to retrieve the lost files on Mac. The most best-known and efficient Mac OS Data Recovery tool—EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac is your great choice for you.