Unless you are living alone in a remote location, you are part of a community that consists of a variety of people. Communities can vary in size and type, but all communities value safety. Whether you are a community leader or simply a concerned member, there are plenty of ways to help ensure safety within a community.


  1. Be Aware of Weather: Community safety against harsh weather should include an early warning system, a severe weather tracker, and a plan in case of a natural disaster. Many commercial weather stations offer great trackers that can serve as warning systems and ensure that all residents are alerted. It is important to encourage residents to be vigilant about weather safety. Make sure that your neighborhood has an adequate weather alert system to keep you and your community prepared in case of a natural disaster.
  2. Get to Know Your Neighbors: Knowing the people around your neighborhood can increase safety and provide a community feeling to any neighborhood. Even if you and your neighbors never really become close, it is always good to have a few friendly people to call for help in case of an emergency. Knowing your neighbors will also help you recognize strangers that can cause trouble.
  3. Have a System: Get your neighbors together to help protect each other’s homes. Burglars often look for easy targets- which means that they are likely to hit a house that has been abandoned. If a neighbor is going away, volunteer to pick up the mail, feed the pets and water their lawn. Later, they can do the same when you go on vacation. This can ensure that no house looks appealing to the bad guys.
  4. Start A Watch: If trouble arises, consider starting a neighborhood watch, or working as a volunteer with local police or first responders. Not only will you be making the community a safer place, but you’ll also be able to have an adventure.
  5. Be Vocal About Trouble: We tend to assume that other people’s problems are none of our business and may be afraid to hurt feelings by pointing out a flaw. Whether your neighbor has a leaky roof or bald tires, politely speaking up can save a life.

Community safety is everyone’s responsibility. Talking to people may sound intimidating or time-consuming, but the results can be worth the effort.