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Simcord: Blockchain regulation technology and cooperation with scientific and legal institutions

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Nicole Marco
Nicole Marco
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There are many different IT companies and areas of development, namely web, OS software and application software development and others. Blockchain developments, which are in demand these days, can be considered one of the most promising areas.


Ukraine-based Simcord Company is one of those progressive companies involved in the development and improvement of such technologies. The Company develops comprehensive business management software. In today’s review, we will talk about its projects and show how Simcord contributes to the formation of the blockchain industry in Ukraine along with other companies.

The Company’s projects

Simcord does not develop standard software for machines, but comprehensive products used in complex and high-tech business. The Company develops blockchain protocols and consensus building algorithms for the development of functional business, creates analytical stacks for the analysis of large volumes of data, and designs systems for capital management and trading on world financial markets. Apart from the above, websites and mobile applications are developed as well.

The main differences between Simcord’s and other companies’ software:

1. Strict security requirements. Many projects are used in the financial fields, for example, capital and digital assets management systems, world stock markets trading systems. The Company has a separate area related to developing a reliable and effective system of comprehensive information protection.

2. Quick system response. In the event of attempts to steal data, the security system will quickly respond by blocking malicious processes.

3. High performance. The software deals with large volumes of data and therefore requires high performance.

It is worth noting that the Company is also engaged in charitable activities. Providing financial support to young and promising athletes is one of the social projects actively developed by Simcord. The Company regularly takes part in various patronage projects and charity events.

Cooperation with other organizations

Simcord not only develops products and services, but also cooperates with business, science and law specialists. Besides numerous vacancies, you can also find offers of cooperation as an independent expert on its website.
If you are interested in working in Simcord, you can find the full list of open positions in the “Jobs” section.

Work in the Company

If you read the feedback of the Company’s employees and partners, you can see how high they speak of it. The atmosphere here is equally good for programmers and analysts, lawyers and copywriters. You can look through the photos below and feel it yourself.

Simcord stands out against numerous IT companies using different development methods due to its deep development approach and global goals aimed at improving the quality of services in the world community.

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