The drugstore chain is testing filling stations for washing and dishwashing detergents in twelve domestic branches.


dm drogerie markt launches a test run of bottling stations for organic detergents and organic dishwashing products of the brand Planet Pure. According to the Press release, twelve branches of the drugstore chain will be equipped with a filling station.

The customer can buy once a suitable empty container with the capacity of 1 liter for dishwashing detergent and 1.5 liters for laundry detergent (equivalent to 37 laundry uses) and reuse the container almost unlimited by refilling. Two bio-certified detergents and dishwashing detergents are available for selection at the new filling stations.

For each refill, customers save up to 60 percent on plastic waste. In addition, this form of shopping is cheaper. “Not only us, but also many of our customers are concerned with conscious shopping and the careful handling of resources,” says managing director Petra Gruber.

The bottling stations will be installed in the following twelve dm branches:

1050 Vienna, Zentagasse 11-13
8041 Graz, SC Murpark Ostbahnstraße 3
3100 St. Pölten, Mariazeller Straße 75
4061 Pasching / Linz, Pluskaufstraße 7
4310 Mauthausen, Poschacherstraße 11
5071 Wals / Salzburg, Josef Lindner Straße 2
5301 Eugendorf, Römerstraße 3
6020 Innsbruck , Amraserseestraße / DEZ 56a
6900 Bregenz, Rheinstrasse 14
9020 Klagenfurt / Waidmannsdorf, Südring 223
7132 Frauenkirchen, FMZ Seewinkel
2421 Kittsee, Eisenstädter Straße 29 / 1b

Sources: Die Presse