Sunday, October 1, 2023

Weather Updates of Eastern Region of Austria

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Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer
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Eastern Zone of country has witnessed coldest night of the season last night. Temperature sank to almost 20 degree below in eastern region.

Weather Updates of Eastern Region of Austria

According to UBIMET, which is an Austrian Weather Service -22.4 degrees Celsius in area of Klausen- Leopoldsdorf bring the coldest night of season along with freeze, snow, rain showers and most probably black ice is also expected in upcoming days. Where as in eastern region of Austria temperature is expected to remain 10 below in Salzburg.

According to head meteorologist for UBIMET “During the night and going into Thursday, a warm-front will pass through and with a strong, refreshing western wind will deliver snowfall, rain and milder air.” Further he added that heavy amount of rain is also expected.

But this coming warm front will be short-lived but no worries as another cold shock would be touched the country through alps starting this Friday as expected. Wave of cold will gracing the country down upon the entire by mid-day and could result ina Genoa Low, it would be atype of windy stormy cyclone that will bring more cold and snow to eastern regions, named Tyrol, Carinthia and south-western parts of Styria are also expected to come in fold of this winter roll

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