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Vienna-Penzing Explosion, Pregnant Woman Injured

An explosion in Vienna-Penzing leaves a pregnant woman injured and causes significant building damage. Investigations are underway to determine the cause.

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Lisa Fischer
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Vienna-Penzing Explosion

A powerful explosion rocked an apartment on Goldschlagstrasse in Vienna-Penzing on Monday morning, causing minor injuries to a pregnant woman and significant damage to the building. The blast occurred on the first floor of a four-storey building, sending debris flying onto the street and into the courtyard. Fortunately, no fire broke out, and emergency responders swiftly arrived at the scene.

Large-Scale Response and Evacuation Efforts

In the wake of the explosion, authorities received initial reports of a fire, prompting a massive operation that involved 69 emergency services personnel and 18 vehicles. All eleven residents residing in the building were successfully evacuated, with special attention given to the pregnant woman, who was immediately taken to a hospital for evaluation. Three individuals, including the pregnant woman, required medical attention for their injuries.

Damage Assessment and Investigation Underway

The force of the blast caused significant structural damage to the apartment and neighboring units, leading to collapsed walls and blown-out windows. Structural engineers were promptly dispatched to assess the building’s stability, while police commenced an investigation into the cause of the explosion. Fortunately, no other individuals were found in the debris, indicating that there were no additional victims.

Building Declared Temporarily Uninhabitable

Given the extent of the damage, building police issued a prohibition on entering the premises, rendering the building temporarily uninhabitable. The city of Vienna swiftly offered support to the affected residents, arranging emergency shelter and providing necessary assistance. To ensure safety, the Goldschlagstrasse area was closed off to both pedestrians and vehicles.

Cause of Explosion Remains Unclear

As investigations are still underway, authorities have not yet determined the cause of the explosion. The Vienna State Criminal Police Office, investigation area fire, is leading the inquiry to shed light on the incident. Police spokesperson Mattias Schuster stated that they are unable to confirm whether the explosion was caused by gas, and further surveys and analysis are being conducted to establish the root cause.

The incident has left the residents of Goldschlagstrasse in shock and uncertainty. The community is coming together to support those affected by the explosion, and authorities are working diligently to restore safety and stability to the area.

As investigations continue, residents are urged to cooperate with authorities and follow safety instructions. The city of Vienna remains committed to assisting those impacted by the incident and providing necessary resources to aid in their recovery.

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