Austrian Police claims that they had arrested an attacker suspect of 18 years old young man suspected of planning a bomb attack in Vienna.

Vienna Escaped A Bomb Attack
On Friday, Interior minister of Austria Wolfgang Sobotka informed the press that arrested suspect is an Austrian citizen most unexpectedly having background of migration.

He is 18 years old young man. On special instruction from Foreign Intelligence Service, he is kept in under observations. And investigation is ongoing, many things are expected to be revealing soon after investigation. It is also expected that arrested 18 years old young man has any link with an Extremist group.

Whereas, it’s hereby mentioned that European countries received a terror attacks wave in end of December, 2016 and Austria also received threat of terror attacks from Albanian Extremists Organization. It is being reported earlier in news that this organization is planning to attack Vienna soon. And after receiving these terror threats, security is tightening on streets and number of policemen is also increased on roads. Special surveillance warning has been issued to citizen as well that they must corporate with the security forces and immediately inform the security if any suspicious object is being noticed by the citizen of state.