Lane blocked in Wernhardtstraße – Lawyer goes to the administrative court over an unlawful red signal.

Lawyer Got Penalties

Lawyer Karl Bernhauser is traveling a lot by car. In the morning among other things also on the Wernhardtstrasse in Vienna Ottakring. Some time ago, a traffic light system was installed overhead. From 6 to 9 o’clock in the morning a lane is blocked in the city center – this lane belongs then exclusively to the streetcar. A similar rule applies in the afternoon in the opposite direction.

There are likely to be many car drivers who have not followed this rule immediately. Among them also Bernhauser. Twice he got mail from the police – and a fine of 140 euros each. He had used the forbidden – Bim track.

“It happened twice in May 2016. I got the knowledge of charges this year. One in January, the other in July “, Bernhauser says. As the post arrived, he took a closer look at the “crime scene.” And he noticed: There’s something missing.

According to road traffic regulations, the “lane signaling” must consist of three light signals: a red crossed oblique beam (it indicates the locked lane), a green down arrow (for the open lane) and a yellow flashing, half left or half right arrow (as direction indication). In Wernhardtstraße, however, the yellow arrow is missing. “So this, in my opinion, is not a legal complaint. Nevertheless, I was punished, “says Bernhauser. In the Hütteldorfer Straße, just a few hundred meters away, the signal system was completely installed.

And Bernhauser is not the only one who have pay. Even in the circle of acquaintances, it would have caught some, he says. A circumstance that the lawyer does not want to accept. He lodged an appeal against the punishment of the Landespolizeidirektion Wien. The case will be handled next Monday in the Administrative Court. Should Bernhauser get right, this could have far-reaching consequences. For all who have also been punished.