A teen of 17 years who were arrested last Friday from Vienna apartment in suspicion of terror attack has shared with law enforcement agencies that he was preparing a “test bomb” in Germany where his suspected mate was also arrested, told by interior minister while addressing to media. Whereas no explosive or harmful weapons were found from his custody, told by interior minister of Austrian Wolfgang Sabotka. He further said that, young man has background of having contact with terrorist organization revealed this while investigation. Many more things are also revealed in investigations and it is also highly expected that many more will be revealed soon after completion of investigation. Whereas, youth identity is also in withheld due to Austrian privacy laws.

Teen Suspect Prepared A Test Bomb To Stage Attack In Germany

On the other hand, lawyer of suspect’s had denied all claims by mentioning that teen hadn’t has any plan to make any bomb attack in Germany. According to ORF report, he made an argument that, usually look for bomb-making instruction on internet but it doesn’t prove that his client had any intention to exploit bomb in Germany. No evidence can’t prove that.

Earlier this week, Germany had received threat from terrorist organization to stage a bomb attack in Germany. Noted that, before Germany, in January, Austria had also received warning from terrorist organization on staging bomb attacks in Vienna