An Austrian man has been arrested after accusing fasley a Syrian Migrant of being a terrorist. Authorities said on Tuesday that incident was nothing but just a spark of jealousy. Prosecutor’s office in the western city of Innsbruck in the Tyrol State further brief that 61 years old was detained on a European arrest warrant while he was on a visit to relatives in Romania  on 29th of December.


Syrian Migrant Became Victim Of Austrian Man jealous


Officer further told that he received an anonymous email which reads that a 29 years  old Syrian was in fact an Islamic State commander who has a plan to attack in Innsbruck. Acting on this officers of Austria’s Elite “Cobra” force made a major raid and arrested the Syrian on 26th November.

Although police forced had to let him go 24 hours later after the Austrian told the authorities that he had planned a entire game to stop his partner from attending an event with the Syrian. And the only motive behind this story was jealousy. A spokesman, named Thomas Willam, the prosecutor’s office told

On the other side European arrest warrant had been issued to him because he was failed to notify that he was leaving the country, Willam further added. Now its due on Romanian Authorities to confirm the man’s extradition.