Group exclusion was unanimously adopted: “Multiple in contradiction to the goals of the FSG-GÖD standing behavior.”

josef hübner göd

The “Social Democratic Union in the Public Service Union” (FSG-GÖD) has excluded Josef Hübner. The decision was made unanimously on Monday by the Federal Group Executive Committee, according to a statement.

The trade unionist and federal chairman in the post-sovereignty administration, who has already become more and more numerous, recently praised the government’s minimum security plans in open letters to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ). In a letter to the Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig (SPÖ), however, he had criticized, among other things, the SPÖ for the Vienna blockade attitude against these plans vehemently and also with a mocking tone. In his sweep, he described former mayor Michael Häupl as “Spritzwein Michi”.

The exclusion is justified in the following way: “In the past, Josef Hübner has repeatedly been reminded of his behavior in contradiction to the tasks and goals of the FSG-GÖD and has been required to conform to the articles of association, although he still has no quorum coverage by the competent bodies the FSG-GÖD publicized his opinions on behalf of the FSG-GÖD, thus behaving in a way that ran counter to the purpose of the association or the reputation of the FSG-GÖD association and thus violated the statutes of the association.”