Neubauer district head Reiter: “For a long time no incidents”.

Racism In Police

After racism allegations against the Vienna police because of an official act in the Josef Strauss Park in Vienna new building, a discussion between the executive and the Neubauer district manager Markus Reiter (Green) has now broken out. Reiter had felt the use in the ORF program “topic” as incomprehensible because there have been “no incidents for some time”. That rejected the police.

On Sunday afternoon a week ago (October 14), police officers controlled a group of young, black men in the park in Neubau district. It was the Viennese rapper T-Ser and other musicians and label colleagues. The men felt provoked and only targeted for their skin color. Parts of the act were filmed by the victims and photographed and landed under the hashtag #nichtmituns and great public interest on the Internet.

On Monday (22 October) ran “topic” the ORF had taken over the matter and inter alia rider interviewed. “There simply had been no incidents for a long time, and since reopening, not even phone calls and complaints, the police have not been able to document it,” the district head said.

This contradicted the Landespolizeidirektion (LPD) Vienna on Tuesday in a broadcast. “The LKA Vienna analyzed the frequency of certain criminal offenses including cases under the Substance Law for the affected area (park and adjacent areas) for the period 01 April to 15 October 2018. This was at least 26 penal violations, including 13x personal injury, 7x property damage, 2x robbery, and 4x addictive substance law. “This information was available to the district chief and was also explained to him by the responsible security coordinator of the 7th district,” it said. At the request of APA clarified police spokesman Paul Eidenberger that adjacent areas meant the streets around the park.

“The necessity and legitimacy of intervening in and around the subject park remains
undeniable, and the obligation to cooperate with all persons residing in Austria in official acts of the police is also out of the question,” continues the LPD.