Officials had posted themselves in the afternoon with helmets and protective vests on the Kärntner Ring. Meanwhile, the mission is over.

Karntner Ring Operation
The police in Vienna’s city center caused quite a stir on Sunday afternoon. Officials positioned themselves with helmets and protective vests on the Carinthian ring reported eyewitnesses. The street was closed because of that.

In the area of ​​the Grand Hotel and the Ringstrassen galleries was looking for an apparently mentally impaired person, the police said on request of media.

The Viennese professional fire brigade had provided a jump cushion. He pulled himself loud executive by breaking a window, injury to the arms.

Other people did not endanger the wanted man, it was said. In the evening, the police finally found the man, he is now presented to the medical officer.

The operation is thus over, police and fire department confirmed. The ring is passable again.