The wild ride led through Vienna and Lower Austria. Finally, the driver crashed into a traffic light.

police chase

A Viennese issue got in court at night of Saturday, where he flattened his newly bought car after hitting it on traffic light pole while being high on drugs. The 18-year-old raced – being pursued by the police – with up to 130 km/h from Meidling to Wiener Neudorf, where he crashed his car into a traffic light. In the district of Liesing, he almost got two pedestrians with his Opel Astra.

The car of the young man from Vienna-Donaustadt caught the attention of a police patrol car in the Breitenfurter street in Meidling at 1:30 clock, because he was traveling in the urban area with high beam lights. The driver ignored when the police signaled him to be stopped. Instead, he used a wild ride out of town, where he came so close to two pedestrians that the women had to jump sideways so she will not get hit.

As the car repeatedly touched the sidewalk, the tire rubber broke away from the steel rim. Because the car was no longer able to steer well, the 18-year-old drove over two roundabouts, where parts of the subsoil were torn away. On the Triester road in Wiener Neudorf, a mast of traffic light stopped him.

According to the police, the 18-year-old will not only be answerable in court for endangering physical safety, but also for document suppression. The license plate for his car, which he tore them off from another car. When questioned by the police, the man also admitted to the use of cannabis.