A 20-year-old man died after taking part in an illegal car race on the Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel in Meidling, Vienna on Sunday night.He died after the BMW he was driving collided with a truck. His passenger was seriously injured.

One Dead Illegal Car Race

Police spokesman Roman Hahslinger said that two BMW cars were seen driving very fast in the direction of Herthergasse at around 7pm. “One of the drivers skidded and hit a truck”.

The 20-year-old was seriously injured and trapped inside the car after the crash. He died before paramedics could get him to hospital.

“His passenger had severe head injuries and bruises. He was taken to hospital and is now in a stable condition,” ambulance service spokesman Ronald Packert said.

The driver of the second BMW did not stop after the accident and police are searching for him as part of their investigation.