A murder suspect who went missing 30 years ago is caught by Austrian Police. He was an illegal immigrant who has been arrested in Vienna after his fingerprints matched to those of a murder suspect of 30 years old case.


austrian police

He was 56 years old Serbian National who entered in the country and was living there illegally since long, police claimed.

But this case took a new turn when officers took his fingerprint for routine procedure but they got the shock of their lives to see that his fingerprints are same as of a murder suspect of 30 years old case. Its enlighten the ways to sort out old murder mystery.

When Bavarian Police learnt that their suspect had finally been arrested, the rushed to Vienna to know the man who then allegedly confessed the crime. After then he was immediately handed over to German Authorities.

In January 1986 in Munich, a person named Franz Schmid was found dead in his house and the incident was believed to be a brutal robbery gone wrong after the pensioner was found dead in his room with massive head injuries.