The body of a 16-year-old had been found under a pile of leaves. Apparently she was suffocated.

Murder Case In Lower Austria

The murder suspect in the case in lower Austria of 16-year-old Manuela is caught. The police caught the 19-year-old Syrian shortly before midnight when he appeared at the home address of family members in Vienna’s Favoriten district. Previously there had been an intensive search with a helicopter between Lower Austria and Vienna.

“We are glad that he is ready, so far he has made no statements, we will try to start the interrogation today,” said the head of the Nö. State Criminal Investigation, Omar Haijawi- Pirchner in conversation with the courier.

Yazan A. is suspected to have strangled his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend Manuela K. in the night on Sunday in a park in Wiener Neustadt. The autopsy revealed death by suffocation.

In the evening there were indications that the 19-year-old could have taken a taxi from Vienna to Wiener Neustadt, as in the past few days. Therefore, it came in the evening to a large-scale operation in a housing development in Wiener Neustadt, in which the Syrian was suspected. Also a police helicopter was in use.

The police finally found what they were looking for. Officers to combat street crime were already there at a known address on the watch. The suspect of murder in Lower Austria was arrested without hesitation. “He did not have a weapon or anything like that,” says Haijawi-Pirchner.

Although the 19-year-old had already been criminalized in the past and his ex-girlfriend, the later murder victim, is said to have abused, failed to deport the Syrians to his homeland. An asylum procedure failed in 2018 and ended positively for the asylum seeker.