Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Mur River Flooding: Area Closures & Safety Alert

Rising water levels in Mur River prompt closures in various areas. Stay informed, avoid watercourses, and prioritize safety. Updates on the situation provided.

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Lisa Fischer
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Mur River Flooding

The water level of the Mur river has been continuously rising, leading to the closure of various areas along its banks. The Municipal Directorate – Security Management and Civil Protection took action in accordance with the Styrian Disaster Management Act. The closures were initiated at 8:45 p.m., and they affect several locations in addition to the ones that were already closed.

The areas that are now closed include the cycle path on the right bank of the Mur between Exerzierplatzstrasse and the height of Pongratz-Moore-Steg, the cycle path at the Kalvarienbrücke on both the right and left banks of the Mur, and the Elise-Steininger-Steg cycle path on the left bank of the Mur. Additionally, the cycle underpasses at the Berta von Suttner Bridge on the left bank and the railway bridge on the right bank are closed. The Puchsteg, both bike underpasses at the Puntigamer Bridge, the gas pipe dock, and the bike underpasses on the Autobahn on both banks of the Mur, Graz are also affected by the closures.

Entering and staying in these areas is now officially prohibited. The recent heavy rainfall has not only caused the water level of the Mur to rise but also increased the flow rate of the river. As a result, the authorities are urging caution for those in the vicinity of watercourses and advising them to avoid these areas if possible for the time being.

The safety measures are crucial to prevent any accidents or harm to people due to the dangerous conditions near the river. The situation is being closely monitored by the authorities, and they will provide updates to the public to keep them informed about any changes.

It is important for residents and visitors to adhere to the closures and exercise caution around watercourses during this time. The priority is to keep everyone safe and out of harm’s way until the water levels subside and conditions improve. The authorities will continue to assess the situation and will lift the restrictions once it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, it is advisable for people to stay informed through official channels and follow any guidance from local authorities. Being vigilant and aware of the current situation can help everyone stay safe during this period of heightened water levels along the Mur river.

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