On 3rd of October, a former Viennese lawyer has to answer to the regional court because he was said to have been involved last fall in the theft of 20 kilograms of gold worth around 700,000 euros. The immediate perpetrators – a notorious Romanian and a previously unidentified accomplice – are yet to be arrested. They are suspected to be in Romania.


The lawyer – he has been in storage since February and has since been removed from the law list – is said to have given the perpetrators the crucial clues that they are a 78-year-old woman 20 gold bars could facilitate. The single dam and the lawyer were kindly affiliated. The passion for opera had brought them closer. They spent regular evenings in the state operas and flew to opera performances abroad. A 78-year-old trusted her 78-year-old friend that she had invested all her wealth in gold and kept it in her apartment in Vienna-Leopoldstadt.

According to the accused, the 42-year-old sent this knowledge to a Romanian criminal who he had met as a lawyer. On September 23, the lawyer invited the 78-year-old for wine tasting with the knowledge that his Romanian, along with a accomplice, would use this opportunity to break into his home.

Although the two Romans turned the apartment upside down, drilled holes on the walls to find a safe vault, but they did not find the gold. Unfulfilled things must be removed by invaders. When the 78-year-old discovered his devastated apartment the next morning – she had spent the night with the lawyer – it caused them not to inform the police and did not change the lock.

For the 42-year-old, To develop stash of gold from the older lady. The gold bars were in a secret box under a wooden cover on the head of a living room cabinet. Just one day later, the two Romans invaded with probably duplicate key figures in the premises of 78-year-olds who had attracted the lawyer in turn. This time, burglars found what they were looking for. Since then, the gold and the Romans have disappeared.

The lawyer claims that he has been called for his deceptive behavior by Romans, with which he has been friends for four years. He had been out of fear. According to Defense Attorney Werner Tomanek, the defendant will attempt to resolve the damage to the trial. The 42-year-old has two apartments and one securities account. In the event of a guilty judgment, the former unscathed person is in prison from one to ten years.

Sources: Die Presse