New details of the incident in London Stansted. The jet will be transferred to Vienna this week.

Lauda Motion

The explosion of an engine at the start of a Laudamotion plane on Friday in London Stansted could have triggered a defective compressor. Experts had already made such assumptions shortly after the incident, and according to AA-Net, the airline itself is likely to run out.

The plane has been in use for twelve years, Laudamotion did not want to comment on further details – report on the questionable flights before the accident.

The affected Airbus A320 is currently being repaired and will be transferred to Vienna later this week. The British aviation authorities have opened an investigation, but there will be a report in a few months.

The affected engine (a CFM56) is used not only in the Airbus A320 and in the Airbus A340, but also on planes from the manufacturers Douglas or Boeing.

In 2016, there was a debris outfall in the US for the engine types, which led to the emergency landing of a Boeing 737. The cause was a fatigue failure of a scoop of the drive. In April 2018, a turbine blade also broke on a Southwest Airlines aircraft, breaking a disc. A passenger was sucked half out of the plane but held by passengers. The woman later died of her injuries. As a result, all affected engines were examined.