The Austrian Federal Administrative Court approves of a man who had been stripped of the employment benefit because of threats during the training. The reason why coaches have to cope with hat makes one sit up and take notice.

Aggression Is Reasonable

According to the Federal Administrative Court (BVwG), aggressive behavior in AMS courses is reasonable for coaches and not necessarily a reason for sanctions. A man had disturbed his training with threats, which is why he was excluded and the withdrawal of unemployment benefits for a certain time was deleted. He filed a complaint and was right, according to the findings of the APA.

Specifically, the suspension of the reference is regulated in Clause 10 of the Unemployment Insurance Act. For example, a temporary ban may be imposed if participation in the mediated courses is denied. But it also says: If the unemployed person thwarts the success of the measure, they lose the right to unemployment benefits for at least six weeks. This can be the disruption of a training course, for example.

In the case treated by the BVwG a course of a support association was massively disturbed, course participants felt threatened. Nevertheless, according to BVwG the exclusion from the measure seems to have been “a hasty decision of the clearing trainers”, it is said in the realization. It can be assumed that “the coaches are able to deal with such persons, especially as the complainant was certainly not the first to behave inappropriately”.

Furthermore, the BVwG leads into the race, that the man has calmed down quickly – “a continuation of the course thus stood in the opinion of the senate nothing contrary”. Also the “necessity of the exclusion” was “not apparent”, since at least attempts had to be made to “integrate the complainant back into the group”.

Sources: Die Presse