With “Cop Map” anyone can report bets, cameras or controls in real time.

Spying On Police

Know in real time, where there is currently a police operation or people checks – this is possible with the Internet platform “Cop Map” now operatable in all of Austria. In Germany is where the place from where the website is operated, already met the Interior Ministers of the German Länder. The action of activists could mean a huge damage to the image of the police. After all, the website is open to the executive as a threat dar. “Threatening danger” is under the image of police on the homepage to read.

Below is a map of the environment in which the user is currently located. The KURIER self-test also makes it easy to register in Vienna that a patrol car has just passed. The detector remains anonymous and does not need to register. After two hours, these messages are automatically deleted. However, the messages are saved in order to create independent police presence statistics. Permanent registered but are also in Vienna police stations and surveillance cameras. The system itself works worldwide.

The portal was founded by the activists of the “police class” and the “Peng collective”. According to the operators, “Cop Map” is an art project designed to draw attention to grievances and police violence. The Munich police has the website, according to press officer Oliver Timper in mind: “It would of course be a problem if criminals can read along where we have a mission. We observe that. However, we assume that the messages are generated by an algorithm. “That this is not true was proved not only by the KURIER attempt, but also confirmed by Simon Wunsch, the operator of the website. “The messages are all based on the information provided by our users.” no one wants to help criminals, but to draw attention to police violence.

The starting signal for the project was the implementation of the new police task law in Bavaria. According to this, an imminent threat is enough for a surveillance or online search- but usually with a judge’s order. “Cop Map turns the tables. We monitor the supervisors. We want to draw attention to police arbitrariness, “says Simon Wunsch of the Peng collective.

The Viennese police see the topic on KURIER inquiry still left. So far we did not see any problem in Austria. You could prohibit the internet site in Germany. The visualization of police operations in this way violated no law, it was said at the meeting of German interior ministers. As long as the identity of the police would not be revealed, the site was legally in order. To the police, the user can not give precise information. Also, how many policemen are on site, can not be registered. You can distinguish in “Cop Map” but whether it is at the address to a person control, patrol officers or even police officers in civil.