Austrian Interior Minister was on 3 days visit to Israel. It was his ever 1st visit to Israel after the inauguration of President Alexander Van der Bellen in January.

First Ever Visit of Austrian Interior Minister to Israel
Interior Minister of Austria Wolfgang Sabotka was on three days visit to Israel, during his visit he attended numerous meetings with officials, ministers and MKs. He also sought guidance from Israel upon security issues. While talking to media, Minister Sabotka responded, “The need for security of any state at these times is enormous and every state wants to know who approaches it territory, where people come from, who they are… I understand the Americans and also the Australians, Canadians, Israelis and Austrians alike.”

Whereas, foremost purpose of visit to strengthen Austrian diplomatic ties with Israel. Minister Wolfgang Sabotka said, “Israel has a lot of know how and experience, and this is important – not just for Austria, but it also can be for Europe as a whole,” Austria is an open and free society on the other hand it has also effective border control. It is also quite apparent that Austria registered some 90,000 asylums claims in 2015, and one percent of the country’s population is made up of asylum-seekers, according to officials. The country is now grappling with questions of integration.