A 21-year-old from Vienna-Brigittenau has disappeared without a trace since January. Recent searches were all without any success.


In the case of a 21-year-old from Vienna-Brigittenau who has been missing since January 22, there have recently been house searches, according to “Kurier”. It was the house of the ex-boyfriend and the second search was of a woman and one in the home of deceased relatives, the newspaper reported on Friday online. The police only confirmed that there were house searches.

“Investigations are in all directions” proceeding, said stressed police spokesman Paul Eidenberger on APA demand. In the house searches data was found, “which is now being evaluated by IT investigators. This may take some time due to the amount of data. “There are also searches, with detection dogs or divers, but so far no success.

According to the online report, the investigators carried out the house searches in the company of the special unit WEGA and with corpse detection dogs in the area Schrems in Lower Austria’s Waldviertel. The Kriminalisten took PC and mobile phone of the ex-friend. Because he was seen at the Ottenstein reservoir, Cobra divers scanned the waters. “Unfortunately, the hoped-for breakthrough is not there yet,” said the lawyer of missing person’s mother to “Kurier.”

There are no suspects or accused persons in the case of absences, Eidenberger emphasized to the APA. For longer unexplained cases are usually suicides, less often accidents and rarely crimes. All these cases must be considered, according to the police. “Since a crime has to be taken into account, there are always criminal steps,” explained the police spokesman on the house searches.

21-year-old Jennifer S. was last seen on 22 January 2018, when she left her apartment in Ospelgasse 11-17. Her personal belongings were left her in the apartment. The young woman had before their disappearance, the relationship with her friend from Lower Austria ended.

Sources: Vienna.at