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Doctor Threats Case Shifting to Vienna

The case of Dr. Lisa-Maria Kellermayr, facing threats, may shift to Vienna's prosecutor. Related victims emerge. Updates on the investigation.

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Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer
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Doctor Threats Case

The case of Upper Austrian doctor Lisa-Maria Kellermayr is poised to transition from the Wels public prosecutor’s office to its Vienna counterpart, as reported by the “Kurier” on Monday. This shift arises from indications that several individuals, including a Viennese couple, may have been targeted by the same perpetrator, a revelation disclosed by the “Standard” in late September.

Dr. Lisa-Maria Kellermayr had been enduring a relentless barrage of threats through email and social media platforms for months, a distressing ordeal ostensibly stemming from the anti-vaccination community. She vocalized her sense of inadequacy in terms of protection from the authorities. Consequently, in the summer of 2022, Dr. Kellermayr made the difficult decision to shutter her practice on security grounds. Tragically, a few weeks later, she took her own life. As of the latest update, investigations into these threats remained pending at both the Wels public prosecutor’s office and the Munich public prosecutor’s office.

The decision of the Wels public prosecutor’s office to transfer the case to their Vienna counterparts may be attributed to the emergence of additional victims who may have fallen prey to the same malevolent individual. Reports suggest that hate mail targeted a lawyer in Würzburg, a doctor in northern Germany, and a Viennese couple. A linguist’s analysis of the language patterns in these emails affirmed a common authorship. The Viennese couple in question are the esteemed authors and activists Veronika and Sebastian Bohrn Mena, a fact corroborated by the latter. He also disclosed that he had received police protection during the acute phase of the threats.

Nina Bussek, spokesperson for the Vienna public prosecutor’s office, confirmed the transfer of proceedings in response to a “Kurier” inquiry. She added, “However, we are assessing whether we also have jurisdiction.” As of now, there has been no official statement from the Wels public prosecutor’s office.

The transition of this case to Vienna opens a new chapter in the investigation, shedding light on a broader pattern of threats that extends beyond Dr. Kellermayr. The emergence of additional victims underscores the urgency of a comprehensive inquiry into these distressing events. The public awaits further updates as authorities navigate this complex and deeply concerning case.

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